Introducing the new Interest and Hobbies Societies Fund!

Posted 13 October 2021
Introducing the new Interest and Hobbies Societies Fund!
​​​​​​​Introducing the new Interest and Hobbies Societies Fund! Here's what it's all about:

The Interest and Hobbies Societies Fund is a limited £4,000 pot of money and as a society, you shouldn’t come to rely on it as your only source of funding. You should constantly be looking to become more sustainable by:

  • Securing your own sponsorship with local businesses;

  • Ensuring your members are paying their membership fees and that fees are reasonably priced to ensure members get value for money.

The Fund is funding here when you need it, to help your society grow and develop. The focus when applying for the Interest and Hobbies Societies Fund should be whether it will help your activity become more accessible/diverse and whether it will have a positive impact on the students in your society.

The Fund is NOT to increase money into your Society Account. It is a limited budget which you can request money from to pay towards specific things; bookings, coaches, equipment etc. We will then purchase the item or pay for the invoice from the fund to pay for what you request. The money will not enter your account at any point from this fund. 


The Societies Executive Committee (SEC) and a Student Union Staff Member will consider the following when assessing your application:

  • How many members your society has. Societies with:

  • 5-9 members can apply for up to £30; 

  • 10-19 members can apply for up to £60;

  • 20-29 members can apply for up to £100;

  • 30+ members can apply for up to £300 (or more in exceptional circumstances).

  • Whether it is for the use and benefit of all members;

  • Whether it supports the aims/objectives of the society as per your constitution;

  • Whether the committee have attended the compulsory training;

  • Consideration will be taken to the amount the society already has in their account;

*If a member of the SEC is part of a society applying for a grant, that member will step out of the room. A Student Union Staff Member and the SEC will then review the request.

Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Societies Executive Committee (SEC) and a Student Union Staff Member during Trimester 1 and 2. All applications must be received by the 1st of each month and will be reviewed on the first Monday following the 1st.

  • The more criteria points you meet, the better chance you have of your request being allocated.

  • The committee may award all, part of, or none of the money for which a student group has applied.

  • HUSU reserves the right to reclaim any money from a society account that is not used for its intended purpose or remains unspent by the end of the term in which the event was due to take place.


The Fund can be used for:

  • Advertising materials

  • Exceptional expenditure on travel (standard class only);

  • For equipment which will last and be of benefit to the society;

  • One off competition entry fees;

  • External Speaker costs;

  • Coaching/Instructor costs.

The grant cannot be used for:

  • Personalised Items;

  • Alcohol;

  • Donating or Fundraising for another charity, political parties or other similar activities;

  • Just the committee;

  • Anything that has already occurred;

  • Fines;

  • Accommodation;

  • The grant cannot be used as a loan;


Application Process

  1. Please complete your Interest and Hobbies Society Fund application in full and submit the form, you will receive an email to confirm your submission. The form is available online here. If you have any questions about completing your form, please contact [email protected] or speak to Ellis, President of Activities on [email protected]

  2. Applications will be considered at the SEC grant panel meeting. The decision will be either to ‘approve’, ‘reject’ or defer to the next meeting following further information. Further decisions could be to ‘recommend a reduced amount’ – explanations will be given at all times by the SEC.

  3. If your request is approved by the SEC grant panel you will be notified and the request will be purchased by a member of staff, and delivered to the President of Activities at Student Central. 

  4. If your request is rejected, the SEC grant panel will advise why and offer suggestions how to improve your grant request for the next month if you wish to re-submit. 

If you have an urgent application for consideration outside of the outlined grant process, it may be possible to convene an emergency grant panel hearing. This will only be possible in exceptional circumstances.

Any other queries please contact the SEC, the President of Activities or Societies and Give It A Go Coordinator

To apply for the Societies Fund please click below.