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Union Council - Jenni Murray Lecture Theatre

December 7, 2018

Let's break it down

One of the first subjects on Monday 10th December's Union Council is the discussion of mandating Hull University Union to oppose the renaming of the lecture theatre after Hull University alumni, Jenni Murray. This follows the student population becoming recently aware of Jenni's views on transgender people.

Brought forward by a trans student, the motion has since been signed by all five Presidents and Trans Rep, Rayan Shipton. Union Council starts at 6.30pm in MR1, Student Central. Students with views on the subject are encouraged to come along to Union Council and give their thoughts.

How does Union Council work?

Union Council is the core decision-making body of the Union and is made up of students who were chosen in yearly elections - presidents and part-time officers. Membership represents a wide cross-section of the student body to ensure as many of our members as possible are involved in the decision making process. Although only those elected can make final decisions, anyone who is a member (anyone who's a student at the University of Hull), can get involved in discussions and voice an opinion. See more about how things work at Union Council, here.

What's happened so far with the Jenni Murray debate?

6/11/2018 - The University announce they are hosting a 'Women in Leadership' event with guest speakers. This is to be followed by a naming ceremony of six lecture theatres after prolific female Hull alumnae, including Jenni Murray, who is to also speak at the event.

30/11/2018 - Jess Clunan, Disabled Students Officer, shares an article on Twitter which sparks a debate about Jenni Murray's suitability. The topic concerns transgender females, in which Murray states 'transgender women are not real women'.

3/12/2018 - The Presidents issue a statement stating that they 'stand by their Trans students' and they 'oppose the lecture theatre being named after Jenni Murray'. The Presidents stand alongside students in protest. Read the statement, here. 

3/12/2018 - The University issue a statement that they will consult the wider student population about the suitability of naming a lecture theatre after Jenni Murray. See it, here

4/12/2018 - Hull University Union and the Presidents respond with a counter statement, stating that it is not all student issue and therefore does not need to be canvassed by the wider student population. Read the counter statement, here

The University and Hull University Union are currently in talks about how to move forward. 

What happens now?

As previously stated, the University and Hull University Union are currently in talks about how to move forward.

Can't make Union council? Let us know your thoughts by emailing them to [email protected] - your email will be forwarded to the relevant contact were possible. 

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