Vote 2019: Meet the Candidates!

March 8, 2019

Vote 2019: Meet the Candidates!

Read the manifestos and find out the top priorities for candidates here.

Full-time President Candidates

President of the Students’ Union  

  • Beth Atkinson
  • Joseph Greaney
  • Isobel Hall
  • Owen Harriman
  • Daniel Ingram
  • Hannah Lightley
  • Ryan Parker

President of Education

  • Rosie Russell
  • Nguper Orduen Simeon

President of Activities

  • Robert Ackers
  • Thomas McNamara
  • Sebastian Palmer  Candidate withdrawn

President of Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Rory Hamill
  • Gabrielle Kear
  • Matthew McMahon
  • Abigail Morris

President of Sport

  • Erin Pettit
  • Sian Doherty

Part-time Officer Candidates

Chair of Union Council – Jessica Clunan

Environment and Ethics Representative – Sioban Pickering

Councillor for Scrutiny (Governance) - Miguel Beedle

Councillor for Scrutiny (Activities) – Eleanor Woodhouse

BAME Students Representative – Anotidaishe Manjanja

Trans Students Representative – Hannah Burgess

Womens Representative – Eve Kyte

Student Trustee Candidates (4 positions)

  • Huseyin Arslan
  • Anotidaishe Manjanja
  • Lee Pearson
  • Ryan Ward

No nominations were received for the following positions:

Governance Zone:

Councillor for Scrutiny (1 position)

Education Zone:

HYMS Students Officer

International Students Officer

Mature Students Officer

Part-time Students Officer

Postgraduate Research Students Officer

Councillors for Scrutiny (2 positions)

Activities Zone :

Chair RAG (Raising and Giving Committee)

HYMS Societies Representative

Councillors for Scrutiny (1 position)

Inclusivity & Diversity Zone :

Disabled Students Representative

LGBT+ Students Representative

Councillor for Scrutiny (2 positions)

Sports Zone:

Representative for Disabilities in Sports

Representative for International Students in Sports

Representative for Women in Sports

Councillors for Scrutiny (2 positions)


Candidates will start campaigning this evening after the close of the All Candidates Meeting.

Question Time is on Monday 11th March from 6.30pm in MR1 and on Facebook Live – tune in or come along to help you decide who will win your vote.

Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 12th March and closes at 3pm on Friday 15th March at