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Posted 9 December 2020
By Lauren Barraclough | Environment and Sustainability Officer
From November through December an online series of events were hosted highlighting under-discussed environmental issues, including: climate-optimism, slow-fashion, fisherman’s kisses, plastic-free periods, and British farming.
NOW Series Image Credit: Earth Minutes

The micro-docs shown have been created by Earth Minutes a small company focused on aiding the communication of environmental research, if you’re interested in finding out more you can visit their website here ( ).

For the opening event we aired the Climate Optimism micro-doc and had the pleasure of having Emma Askew, the curator of Earth Minutes, in attendance. In the discussion after the film students spoke about how important - in today’s environmental and political climate - it is to keep up a positive outlook on climate issues which are often described negatively in the news and media. Students also commented on how interesting they found the topic and how thought provoking it was as they had not considered the idea of climate optimism before.

Below is some more information about the videos shown in this series and links to all the micro-docs available on YouTube.

Climate Optimism (

A pessimistic attitude and using the worst case scenario can be ineffective when assessing the climate crisis, whereas climate optimism can be a robust mindset that can be used to frame activism.

Slow-Fashion (

Explores the importance of ‘slow-fashion’ and celebrates the opportunity we have to revolutionise the fashion industry which studies show emits more carbon than all international flights.

Fisherman’s Kisses (

Investigates the neglected side of the fishing-net pollution – the ‘X’-shaped offcuts produced from fisherman fitting nets to boats, they are small but significant sources of marine pollution.

Plastic-free Periods (

Investigates period product alternatives that can be both better for our health and the planet.

British Farming (

Uncovers the environmental side of the agricultural story, as farming has become a controversial topic in the climate change agenda and explores the potential of sustainable meat production with carbon neutral beef.

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