On-campus Accommodation Statement

Posted 12 November 2020
A statement from your Student President Team
We are aware of a number of concerns regarding security in the on-campus accommodation and have been closely monitoring the reports both in the media and on Hullverheard.

Dear Students,

We are aware of a number of concerns regarding security in the on-campus accommodation and have been closely monitoring the reports both in the media and on Hullverheard. We want to say thank you to all of the students who have contacted us to provide crucial detail and evidence and we encourage you continue to share your concerns and feedback with us so that we can represent you and challenge on these issues where we need to. We also want to say thank you to Hullverheard for their support and cooperation on this matter. To make it easier for you to get in touch, we have set up a survey which you can find here. It only takes a minute to fill out but means we can look into all of your concerns, complaints and feedback (both positive and negative). We ask that you provide your personal details and where you live if you feel comfortable, as this will allow us to chase these incidents up faster.

We are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of this and we are on your side. We had a meeting with several members of the University Leadership Team and directors of the University this morning. We expressed our concerns for students staying in on-campus accommodation and shared some of the many stories we have received.

We asked for a thorough investigation, as well as clarity around the points of the contract which specifically discuss staff access to student rooms. We requested for changes to the contract, particularly in regards to the clauses 8.1. The University has said they will look into amending the contract, likely for future tenants, and will get back to us on this.

The University have reassured us that comms will go out to students this week and next reiterating the protocols and guidance for both students and security and accommodation staff. There is the expectation that students will follow Covid-19 restrictions and we believe that entering communal areas of flats to ensure these are being followed is reasonable and a large part of why cases on campus are so low. However, we believe it is unacceptable and an invasion of privacy to enter individual student bedrooms and have asked that the protocols for security and accommodation staff be made clear to you in these comms so you know what your rights are. The University confirmed that staff should knock before entering and should not enter if there is no response unless in a genuine emergency; we know that this is clearly not the case for many of you and therefore encourage you to continue to come forward with your experiences. Please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], or message Ellis or Phoebe privately if you’re more comfortable doing that ([email protected] or [email protected]). 

The University assured us that any complaints will be thoroughly investigated and treated with confidentiality, and that students will absolutely not be penalised for coming forward. We encourage you to complain using this platform so that we can closely monitor how well the complaints system is working and try to resolve your individual issues as well as the overall general concerns. We will continue to lobby the University on this until we have made significant changes that improve your experience in University accommodation. The conversation we had this morning was likely the first of many and the responses we had do not mean we will stop fighting for you.

If you would like further support in your complaint or support around any of your concerns, you can contact your student Union’s Advice Centre which is completely independent ([email protected]).

For your information, I have attached the Licence to Occupy document, which you signed in your contract, which specifies access to rooms.

You can find more details of accommodation regulations here.


Thank you for your patience on this issue,


Ellis Leonard, President of Activities

Phoebe Bastiani, President of the Students’ Union


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