Pick of the Week - Lyrical Dancing

Posted 21 February 2014
Time for another pick of the week... and we're throwing some shapes!
Time for another pick of the week... and we're throwing some shapes!

For Pick of the Week, I’ve been in dangerous situations (hitting people over the head with a sword) and I’ve been in intense situations (debating will experts is always fast paced).
However, before this week, I’ve been scared to do a Pick of the Week. That all changed.
My schedule, as you can imagine, is a bit manic. Trying to fit in time (often outside of work hours) to spend a couple of hours doing a random thing is always difficult.
It’s with this in mind that find myself trudging along to a Lyrical Dancing session on 2nd floor of HUU, late on a Friday afternoon/evening.
I walked into the room, and was met with stares of confusion and amusement. Thankfully, Hull Uni Dance Soc are friendly (and non-judgemental people), so I was welcomed into the group, without comment. Even when I took my shoes and socks off (because my feet are gross)
Lyrical Dancing, for those who don’t know, blends ballet and jazz dance, with a bit of pace added in. It is – as all dance is – entirely out of my comfort zone or skill set. Even on the jam packed Welly dance floor I am as stiff as a dead plank.
The session essentially took us through a dance routine, which involved spinning, thrusting and bending. You could absolutely tell that everyone loved being there, and there was little expectation or pressure. This immiediately made me feel better, not just about dancing, but about my life as well.
All in all, the session was fun, and friendly.
I do apologise in advance to your eyeballs though, because the video is atrocious.
Your friendly neighbourhood President,