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Post Grad Forum - A Note from Isobel

Isobel Hall, President of Education, hosted her final Post - Grad Forum for academic year 17/18. Please read below her blog post:  

"Since starting this role only two months ago, it has became clear to me that postgraduate students feel like their representation is poor. From both feedback and my own observation, I have ascertained that they feel like they are falling through the cracks of both the University and the Union, and there is feeling of a lack of respect.


When it seems that all the attention on undergraduates, is it any surprise that our postgraduate students are feeling more isolated than ever before?


Lauren Williams, Postgraduate Taught Officer and I sought to rectify this by hosting one final Postgraduate Forum of the year. We wanted to give our Postgraduate community a voice and those voices to be heard by those right at the top, which is why we invited our Vice-Chancellor along to take questions during the last half of the session. With 25 postgraduate attendees, we celebrated this as a step in the right direction in finally representing postgraduates properly. 


The Top 4 Issues From Postgraduate Forum:


  • Lack of space for postgraduates – removed caps from these 
  • Lack of opportunities for postgraduates
  • Lack of representation
  • Not being treated like professionals


As well as addressing the above issues, this year my main objectives for the postgraduate experience are:


  • Continuing to run Postgraduate Forums and share all Postgraduate Forum findings with the University Leadership Team
  • Start a Postgraduate Week with exclusive events for postgraduate students giving you the opportunity to network, socialise, explore opportunities available to just postgraduate students and meet new people.
  • Start a Postgraduate Working Group to include Postgraduate Part-Time Officers, ‘Postgraduate Champions’, a member of the University Leadership Team and relevant members of staff.
  • Reviewing postgraduate academic representation to empower postgraduate students to make more effective change.
  • Fight to get postgraduates their own space on campus. 


    For the full extent of issues or to read a breakdown of our findings, you can read our full report here. As President of Education this year, it is my aim to bring the postgraduate voice to the forefront of discussions. I want Hull University Union to be a Union that supports all postgraduate students and to ensure that postgraduate experience is a priority." 

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