Student President Team - Nov 9-13th Update

Posted 18 November 2020
What happened last week?
Your Student President Team are elected to represent you. Let's take a look at what they did last week to stick to that objective (spoilers, a lot!)

Your Student President Team are elected to represent you. Let's take a look at what they did last week to stick to that objective (spoilers, a lot!)

  • Phoebe and Ellis met with senior University staff to discuss the security concerns of students. The University of Hull confirmed that they will be putting out comms to students about what is expected of them as tenants and what their rights are. They will be reiterating the protocols to security and accommodation staff, and they will also be looking into amending the contract (clause 8.1) for future years. To read our statement to students click here. Update: This week, the team continue to work with the University and have been active in collecting your experiences through a survey
  • Phoebe and Simeon met with the Library team on Friday to ensure that all of the floors (except 7th) be re-opened to students; this was changed with immediate effect. The team are meeting again this week to discuss extending the opening hours to midnight. You can find the statement on this here.
  • This week the team also met with the two students running the petition and protest group for a partial refund of tuition fees and the protest group. The campaign group is picking up pace and more students are becoming members. Both student leads are keen to work with us on this campaign and we discussed next steps for the campaign. You'll see more of this campaign over the coming week. If you want to find out more about the 'Students First: Refund. Rethink. Reinvest.' campaign then click here
  • Evie and Phoebe held another Accessibility Action Group with Disabled Students' Rep, and discussed the progress on the actions from the last meeting. 
  • Simeon and Phoebe held the University to account on their new Internationalisation Strategy at Senate on Wednesday and our comments were well received. We highlighted the importance of providing a good experience for international students already at Hull before increasing recruitment objectives. 
  • On Thursday evening, Evie and Phoebe held their first Mental Health Open forum which allowed them to get lots of feedback and ideas from students about their experiences and what they want to see from HUSU and the University during this pandemic. 
  • We also launched our latest campaign, 'This Ends Now' which encompasses all of the work Phoebe and Evie have been doing on sexual violence and consent. You can find our campaign page here. 
  • The team held their zone meetings this week and worked with PTO's on their aims for the year. 
  • Sian has had a busy week on social media, working with both UPP and the University as well as our HUSU opportunities team to ensure students have plenty of activities to do online whilst we're in 'lockdown'. If you want to see her brilliant work this week, click here.