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Presidents’ Monthly Update

July 26, 2019

Written by the Student President Team 


We are officially four weeks into our new roles, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to as part of our new monthly blog post. We hope you enjoy seeing what we’re doing. It’s our aim to share a blog post with you every month, so you can keep up to date with how we are representing you. 


Don’t forget you can always message any of us on social media or through our President email address - you can find these at the bottom of the blog post. 



“Where to start?! I’ve done loads whilst I’ve been in role, but I’ll share an experience that has really moved me, even so early on in post. 


An early morning train on Tuesday took me down to Bristol to attend the annual BUCS Conference. I met loads of other officers and shared some amazing ideas for the upcoming year. I loved meeting all these new people and found it fascinating to see how their Unions ran sport. I also had the pleasure of listening to a talk delivered by Clarke Carlisle and his wife, Carrie. They honestly and openly discussed Clarke’s struggle with mental health and offered advice on how to support those experiencing difficulties with mental health. It was a talk I think everyone should hear as I was absolutely blown away with the honest and realistic conversation delivered and I don’t think a single person was left unmoved.”




This month the President Team attended Graduation as part of the processions to represent the Students’ Union and we all really enjoyed watching the Class of 2019 graduate. 


Big shout out to our very own Abi Morris (President of Inclusivity and Diversity) and Tom McNamara (President of Activities) who graduated in Psychology, BSc and in Mechanical and Medical Engineering, BEng respectively. We’re all super proud. 




We spent two days in Sheffield with our Student Trustees, External Trustees and Senior Management Team. We identified strengths within the Board and how we to work collectively on these in the upcoming year. We also considered potential priorities of the charity for the 2020-25 Strategy. 


Following our Trustee Away Day was our Board Meeting. Amongst a full agenda, Isobel presented a paper for HUU to declare climate emergency. The Board were in agreement with the proposal and, once further research and planning has been actioned by Isobel, there will be an official declaration date. 


Another congratulation to Tom, who has been appointed as our new Non-Executive Director for HUU Services. HUUSL manage all the profit generating services we have in our building, including Asylum, Sanctuary Bar and SPAR. 


HUUSL is a social enterprise which means all profits are gifted back into Hull University Union and allow us to do everything that we do – such as opportunities through sports, societies and volunteering, representing you academically and providing support through the Advice Centre. 



ISOBEL – President of Hull University Union


“This month I was proud to represent Hull students at the House of Lords on the Augar Review. I was one of 20 Students' Unions present and pleased to be getting involved as a northern SU. 


The event was short, but I managed to ask about the proposal to remove foundation funding. After the event, I was excited to talk one on one with Phillip Augar. I questioned and challenged recommendations on high/low value courses, foundation funding and lack of funding for nursing. Following this, I spoke with Bev Robinson OBE and questioned how Hull can input on discussion, in spite of potential barriers of being situated up North and being disaffiliated from NUS. 


My final discussion was with APPG chair, MP Paul Blomfield. We discussed how students are being represented nationally, the impact of the Augar Report and feedback on how the event could be improved. The conversation went so well that another SU President and I were invited to lunch to continue. It was great that he took the time to listen to us, appeared on board with what we were saying and read more about the work I was doing on Augar. 


After Parliament, we made the most of our time in London by networking with LSBSU. It was a great day and we made the most of every opportunity!” 

You can read more about Isobel’s time at Parliament on her Facebook profile or check out her blog article here



ERIN – President of Sport 


 “Through the University’s partnership with Team GB, we are able to meet many influential people in the sporting industry. 


We met Olympic Bronze medallist, Anthony Ogogo. We spoke about his experience of sport, boxing and what drives him to be the best. Anthony advised us to strive for utter greatness but also said, once we had begun to rise and achieve at certain levels, that it is essential to help others. I really enjoyed this idea and want to take it forward to strengthen our AU - let’s have a year of supporting and helping each other to achieve the best possible things! 


I found meeting Anthony really inspiring and I was left grinning when he complimented me on my rainbow laces.”



ISOBEL – President of Hull University Union


“Hull University Union staff meet monthly for updates from across all departments and celebrate success’ (and occasionally give a heartfelt goodbye to those leaving our HUU family).


These are all the people that keep the Students’ Union going - from our Commercial Team and Marketing Team to Membership Services, HR/Finance and SMT. These are the people who support us (and you!) to make your time at University the best it could possibly be.”


We hope you enjoyed our first monthly blog update. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and get in touch with your ideas, thoughts and comments. 


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