President’s Pick of the Week - Cleaning Team

Posted 12 May 2014
Your President, Richard Brooks, engages with Hull students in a slightly different way.
Your President, Richard Brooks, engages with Hull students in a slightly different way.

My mother used to be a cleaner, in a Heritage trust site back where I’m from. Because the job was a big one and every minute counts when you’ve got 4 children, I used to go with her to clean toilets, offices and mop floors. I’m only telling you this, to show that I’m not squeamish. I don’t feel ill, or retch when I take sight of things that aren’t very pleasant.

Which leads me to this week’s long overdue Pick of the Week – working with your Students’ Unions cleaners, after a Foam Party Tower.

I entered the Johnny Mac toilets, to find a smiling Angie (our head cleaner) holding a toilet brush, a plastic apron and rubber gloves. I donned my equipment and got scrubbing.

Now, I know I’m a representative of 18, 000 students here and in Scarborough, and I’m meant to love and empathise with every single student – and I do, really – but my god, some of you are disgusting.

Today was a ‘good day’ I was told, as I’m wiping things that came out of humans off of walls. I’m replenished with stories of worse times. They are not pleasant.

I think the moral of this story, is threefold:

A) I’m constantly told how clean our Students’ Union is, by prospective parents and students, especially comparatively to others. Our cleaners are our unsung heroes, who do a wonderful job.

B) Whilst how messy we are in Hull is not worse than anywhere else, it’s still not good.

C) Aim. Please.

I helped clean after a night in Tower, which is the tail end of grossness. But everyday people drop litter on our campus, make a mess without cleaning up or just don’t respect the spaces around them. I used to be one of those people, and I won’t be after today.

Your friendly neighbourhood President,


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