President’s Pick of the Week - Tower Bar Staff

Posted 9 December 2013
Every week we will be throwing Richard into one of our fantastic Sports Teams, Societies and groups at HUU.
President's Pick of the Week! In the interest of celebrating and shouting about our fantastic Sports Teams, Societies and groups at HUU, every week we will be throwing Richard in at the deep end as he participates in a surprise activity!

Around 40% of our funding at Hull University Union comes from our Commercial Services. That means that every time you buy something from our shop, or go to Brassick, you’re actually contributing to your Students’ Union’s existence. We wouldn’t be able to employ our staff (or Sabbatical Officers), run our services (such as our Advice Centre) or support Societies, Sports Teams and Volunteering Opportunities without it.

It is with this in mind that I embarked upon this week’s Pres’ Pick of the Week, working as a member of bar staff at Asylum. Dressed in my Tower t-shirt and my fake moustache, I was ready to serve all of the snakebite in the world.

I was ‘looked after’ (babysat) by Meg, who took my through some basic training before Will decided just to throw me in the deep end. Walking out from the staff area, I was confronted by a baying horde of students, ready to have their thirst quenched.

There are two things that you realise very quickly about working behind the bar at Asylum:

1)     How much of a well oiled a machine it is. The bar staff work at an incredible, relentless pace, dancing around each other with three jager bombs in each hand.

2)     How much everyone seems to like working here, and the camaraderie of the staff.

Several highlights from my shift:

It was Tower’s Moustache Social, and as such, I was sporting a glorious ‘Tashe’. A merry customer very quickly yanked this from my face.

Pulling a ‘proper’ pint of snakebite. Never had higher job satisfaction.

Being asked by a reveller very politely if he could moon me, as it was on his bucket list. I didn’t really oblige, but he did so, and apologised afterwards.

Having to explain to many people that: a) I could not drink with them right now, as I was behind the bar and b) that I had not quit my job as President to be bar staff.

One minor gripe, bearing in mind everything I’ve said. Being anonymous in my uniform meant that I was not recognised by everyone. I was clicked at by one student, and shouted at by another. This breaks my two cardinal rules:

1)     Don’t be a meanie for no reason.

2)     Don’t mess with the guy who has access to something you’re about to put in your mouth.

Your friendly neighbourhood President,


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