We’re Reclaiming the Night

November 18, 2019

Reclaim The Night

By Abi Morris & Evie Kyte 

University can be scary at first, good scary. Full of new people, new places and new experiences that people say you will wish to go back to for the rest of your life. At Hull University Union, we want to make your university experience the best and least scary it can be. Yet, sadly, there are somethings that we cannot always control and that is the behaviours of others, especially towards women.

Women - how many times have you been catcalled? Whistled at? Had a derogatory comment made towards you? How many times have you just let it go, put your head down and walk away because ‘boys will be boys’? Too many times. Now we are saying enough is enough. As students, as women, as human beings, we should be not be burdened with feeling uncomfortable or frightened by the actions of other people. Our bodies and our life choices should be respected by those around us.

On Saturday 23rd November, we will be leading a Reclaim the Night march with the help of other Presidents, Part-Time Officers, local women’s charities and most importantly, students. This is a national liberation movement that marches annually about women fearing to go out alone at night, so the march is to show strength and a collective demand for women to be free of harassment and sexual violence. The main march with be happening in London on the same night. We’re doing ours at the same time to stand in solidarity.

As women, we are strong, competent, independent and confident, and yet feel prevented from feeling safe walking the streets at night, something which should be simple, and something we shouldn’t have to ask to be granted to us.

On Thursday 22nd November, we’re putting on, Pizza and Placard session to give people the chance to create their own signs with messages they want to tell the world. Then on Saturday, we will meet by the steps outside Student Central at 6pm before setting off on the march at 6.30pm. We will walk through the University campus to Salmon Grove, down Cranbrook and onto Cottingham Road. We will then go down Newland Avenue, cut across to Beverley Road all the way up to Inglemire Lane and back into campus via the North Entrance near the Courtyard.

Sorry boys but this is a women-only march. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, trans, black, white, Christian, or Muslim – anyone who identifies as female or non-binary is invited to join us and Reclaim the Night once more.