The Referenda: Next Steps

March 18, 2019


Referendum on Memorandum and Articles

The referendum on changes to our Memorandum and Articles, which asked the question: “Do you approve the amendments proposed in the Memorandum and Articles of Hull University Union Ltd?” was voted on by 1399 (8.6%) of our students and did not reach quoracy.


What’s next?

Hull University Union Chief Executive, Jane Stafford, said: “Thank you to everyone who took part in the referendum seeking approval of the amendments to the Hull University Union  Articles. Unfortunately the referendum failed to reach the required quoracy of 1486 but did achieve 1399. There were 791 votes to approve the changes, 205 not to approve the changes and 403 spoilt votes. In light of this outcome the Board of trustees will review the options open to them and will publish the next steps on the website in due course.“



Referendum on Governance

The referendum on changes to our governance, which asked the question; ‘“Should the core student decision-making system be a Student Open Forum in place of Union Council?” reached quoracy of 10.7% voting (1738 members) with the yes campaign receiving 981 votes in favour of pursuing the concept and the no campaign receiving 625 votes. There were 132 spoilt votes. Therefore this referendum did not reach the two-thirds majority required for it to pass.


What’s next?

Following the referendum results Hull University Union will continue to explore how it best achieves it strategic commitment to ensuring that students are heard and represented and can make change.