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Posted 26 June 2020

Today marks my last day in post as your President of Sport, and so I wanted to reflect on the past year and sum up some of the work I have been doing for you over the course of my term.

This year has been incredible, I have learnt so much and have really loved every second of it. I’ve been part of an amazing Student President Team who have always supported each other and as a result we’ve had some great team wins and opportunities. I’m feeling very bittersweet about today as I really do not want to leave what has truly been a fantastic opportunity. However, I have every faith that I am leaving the AU and sports in great hands, and I am excited to see Sian’s work.

Finally, I’d also love to use this as an opportunity to say thank you to everyone for your support, whether it was 'liking' a Facebook post, attending an event, sending an email or popping to see me in the office – you’ve all made the job worthwhile. I really believe I worked with every Club in some way, shape or form and here’s some of those highlights…


Cost of Sport

One of my manifesto points was to continue the previous President of Sport's work on the cost of sport and to ensure I worked to keep this at a minimum. Throughout the year I have been working behind the scenes to:

  • Achieve a reduction in the price of the AU Sports Pass (if you want to find out more, check out my earlier blog here) saving the AU, as a whole, around £12K
  • Achieve a partial refund on AU Sports Passes due to the reduction in service as a result of COVID-19
  • Work with Clubs to help them eradicate or reduce their historical club debt, leaving them with more scope to develop their club in the future
  • Ensure club budgets are a vital part of committee training going forward so that clubs can plan and better manage their finances
  • Write a sponsorship guide so that clubs have support in finding and securing a sponsor
  • Monitor the Non-BUCS and coaching funds, reallocating them when necessary, so that as many clubs could benefit from the funding.



Club Wins

In March 2019, during election week, I campaigned to improve the funding for Non-BUCS teams and ensure that they, and smaller clubs, received the support and recognition they deserved. I also campaigned saying I would work to improve the relationships between the AU and Hull Sport. These two points were a huge priority for me as historically, I had heard some clubs have received limited support. Over the course of the year I have managed to secure a number of things for different clubs, some examples of these are:

  • Storage containers for the indoor storage rooms
  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards the cost of a new boxing ring for Boxing and MMA
  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards the pitch hire for Men’s Cricket
  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards new balls for Women’s Lacrosse
  • Some new balls, from Hull Sport, for Women’s Basketball
  • Securing more frequent use of the 3G pitch for Men’s Football
  • Securing additional training space for Fencing
  • Suggesting and sorting a club shout out for Cycling to aid their recruitment
  • Promotional material for Wheelchair Basketball from HUSU Marketing (with the help of Torch TV)
  • Additional access for Boat Club




Club Promotion

Another main manifesto point for me was to better promote the great work, achievements and success of our AU. Some ways I achieved this were:

  • Club Shout-Outs on social media
  • Arranging for Club photos to feature on the wall in our SU
  • Sorting a trophy cabinet so all the AU achievements can be displayed




Although the event itself was unfortunately cancelled, the work done in the run up was really beneficial for the AU. A manifesto point of mine was to improve the perception of the AU and I achieved this through the work done in securing a £6000 investment from the University, which allowed the AU to be seen in a positive light by them. I am really pleased I managed to put sports on the University’s agenda as I it was also an objective of mine to improve the profile of the AU and promote and supported sports teams, to ensure that their passion for sport was recognised. I think the work done behind the scenes will ensure that the future of sport at Hull remains bright and a focus point.


AU Ball

With the help of my team, we organised a really successful AU Ball that sold out in record time!


Trophy Pres

We held a virtual Trophy Pres due to COVID-19. The videos were really well-received and it was nice that recording them had allowed the winners to share the results with their family and friends.


Safe and Well Regulated Clubs and Societies

I came into the role knowing that I wanted to make sports more accessible to all and hence I would have to tackle some of the challenging historical behaviours of clubs. Around this area of accessibility I:

  • Worked to ensure that the CHANGES (Challenging Hazing and Negative Group Events in Sport) workshops had higher engagement and attendance to the previous year, hoping that this would begin the cultural change.
  • Worked with the President of Activities, the Opportunities Team, and our external consultant, Stephen Dowson, to improve the way we manage and run Clubs and Societies at HUSU.
  • Updated our Standing Order governing student committee elections to ensure that these could be held online, making them much more accessible
  • Worked to encourage and ensure that the piece on safe and well-regulated clubs and societies is now written into the organisational strategy for HUSU, ensuring that the work out-lives me in my post and guarantees that it will remain a vital part of Clubs and Societies.


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