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Posted 24 June 2020
Erin has some news on the prices of sports passes.

Written by Erin.

Views are Erin's.


When I ran in the elections I promised I would work to reduce the cost of sport here at Hull and as a bit of background, I’ve worked behind the scenes all year, to try to achieve this. Whether this was securing an investment for Varsity, re-allocating the coaching and Non-BUCS funds to ensure that as many clubs could access them, helping clubs secure sponsorships or helping them co-fund equipment amongst other things, it’s been on my radar daily.

One thing I was also really keen to address was the sports pass price. Some of you may not have known that it was set to increase to £85 by the 2021/22 academic year. I thought this was something that was going to have a negative impact on our AU and decrease participation and as a result I’ve worked closely with Hull Sport all year to come up with a new payment model, with the aim being to reduce the price of the sports pass. I’m really excited to let you all know that a new ‘access proposal’ has been approved at our Trustee Board and as a result your AU Sports passes will remain around the £65 mark (fluctuating higher and lower by a couple of pounds annually dependent on the membership numbers of the AU). This is a huge win for individual members and the AU as based on this year’s numbers this would create an overall estimated saving of £12K to the AU.

As members of the AU, I promise you will not notice the change -other than the lower price! Purchasing a sport pass will ensure that Clubs still have access to the same 3 hours per week per member. Through great partnership working with Hull Sport we are going to alter the way we, as the students union pay, paying in a lump sum. This means we can have a lower price and Hull Sport can manage their facilities better to have more sellable space to external clubs. It’s great to see that both Hull Sport and the AU can benefit from a joint approach.

This is a huge win for the AU, and I am so chuffed to have secured it last week so that I could make this announcement as I am leaving, it’s been something I’ve worked on all year and it’s great to see a tangible result. I really believe that it will allow the AU to grow both in numbers and in freeing up funds for clubs to invest in their own development, equipment, coaching, who knows.

However, it is important to note that unfortunately due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, BUCS have announced that the majority of fixtures will be taking place in the second trimester, starting in January 2021. As a result you will not see the full benefit of this new arrangement until the 2021/22 academic year. However, you will see a scaled down version that is reduced to factor in the reduced playing time and so you will still benefit from a reduced cost of sport.


Finally, I’ll be putting out a blog at the end of the week to round up my year, but I’d love to just say a huge thank you to the AU for all of your support this year. I know it’s not been the ending anyone wanted but your reliance and hard work moving online has been second to none, thank you!

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