How to apply for the Elections 2021 Student Group Fund

Posted 2 June 2021
It's easier than you think!
You've raised £475 for student groups! How can your group benefit?

How to Apply for the Elections 2021 Student Group Fund

Apply here from June 7th, 9am.

What is the Student Group Fund?

For every individual student who voted in the 2021 Student President Elections, we added 40p into a fund for sports teams, societies and volunteer groups. After your 2021/22 Student President team was elected, we can announce a total of £475 has been made available for student groups to apply for!

Any student group can apply for this and if successful, the funds could be used for equipment, trips or anything you think could benefit your group!

How can you apply?                                       

You can apply for funds using the application form below from June 7th, 9am.

Your student group can apply for a maximum of £100. This can go towards whatever you feel is useful for your group and should be explained in the application form including details of how you would spend the finding, who will benefit from the funding and the impact it will have on them.

How are the funds awarded?

Once applications have closed and all applications are received, the shortlisting panel will go through the applications to decide how funds are allocated. The panel will include a mix of the President of Sport, President of Activities, students from the sports and activities zones and HUSU staff.

Important dates

Applications open - Monday 7th June, 9am.

Applications close - Monday 21st June, 11:45pm.

Shortlisting – June 22nd – 30th

Funding Announcements – Early July. Exact date tbc.

Have a think about how your student group could use the additional funds and the amount needed. You might want to think about how you plan to sign up new members in September and if you could use the funds in this way by offering a taster session for free, organising a trip or thinking of an engaging way to get in touch with new students!