ANNOUNCEMENT: New Mental Health Partnership

May 9, 2019

We are delighted to announce Hull University Union’s new partnership with Student Minds, with the aim of enabling improved mental health provision at the University of Hull.

The move comes after you told us that withheld wages from the February 2018 UCU strikes should be reallocated towards improving mental health services for students.

Student Minds is the UK’s leading student mental health charity, working with students, service users and academics to develop new and innovative ways to improve the mental health of students. Hull University Union is one of just seven student unions nationwide to adopt the scheme.

The partnership will:

  • Allow Hull University Union to access direct support for lobbying for institutional change within mental health.
  • Give us access to resources for campaigning and direct support for a better understanding of mental health literacy, which will help to better inform our understanding of what changes need to be made.
  • Provide the unique opportunity to shape and influence Student Minds’ upcoming charter for mental health, which will in turn lead the University of Hull to developing better services that appropriately meet student concerns.


Hull University Union President, Osaro Otobo, and President of Inclusivity and Diversity, Andy Costigan, said: “We are delighted that Hull University Union will be one of the few students’ unions in the country developed in this national project on such an important issue – mental health.

“Through this partnership we will be better placed to tackle the mental health issues that affect you.

“This academic year we asked you what you wanted the strike wages to go towards. The number one thing you prioritised was enhancing mental health services at the University of Hull. The second thing you prioritised was students’ union projects. Being involved in this Student Minds project meets both of those priorities.”


Rosie Tressler, Student Minds CEO, said: “Students’ unions are natural allies for Student Minds, and having worked with a range of SU staff and officers over the years I am very excited that we will be working together strategically and for greater impact.

“SUs play a vital role on campus as service providers, employers, managers of volunteers, innovators in peer support as well as representatives and advocates for the student voice. By collaborating on this innovative programme we are recognising this and the invaluable role Students’ Unions have in ensuring students in HE can flourish.”