Union Council Update: 8th Feb 2021

Posted 11 February 2021
What happened at the first Union Council of 2021?
What happened at the first Union Council of 2021?

This Monday (8th February) saw the first Union Council meeting of Trimester 2 take place. Key things to update our members on are as follows:

  • James Dearing was co-opted into the position of Councillor for Scrutiny for the Union Development Zone, and Suby Ravi was welcomed to her first meeting since having been appointed as Faculty Rep for Health Sciences. Congratulations to both on their new roles!
  • President of the Students’ Union, Phoebe Bastiani, gave an update from the Board of Trustees following their January meeting. There was a focus on the decision to move the President elections to later in Trimester 2 due to the lockdown, and explanation that the Standing Orders for the five President positions for 2021/22 are in the process of being updated to ensure a fair distribution of workload especially under COVID-19 restrictions.
  • President of Inclusivity and Diversity, Evie Kyte, presented a motion to mandate future President teams to continue lobbying the University to act on the recommendations from her Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity Mental Health report. This passed with one amendment unanimously.
  • A motion about continuing to work in partnership with the University on decolonizing the curriculum was proposed by President of Education Simeon Orduen and Evie Kyte. This also passed with one amendment unanimously.
  • Students were invited to attend the LGBT+ Mental Health Open Forum due to take place on 9th February.
  • Students were also updated on work taking place to address the awarding gap for Black students, and were invited to get in touch with Simeon and Evie to find out more about this.