Union Council Agenda for this Monday

Posted 18 October 2013
With the first Union Council of the year coming up, find out what it’s about and the topics of discussion.
With the first Union Council of the year coming up, find out what it’s about and the topics of discussion.

Monday marks an exciting time for Hull University Union, it's the first Union Council (UC) of the academic year, so why does this matter to you?

Union Council is the highest decision making body of your Union. You may have seen our 6 Sabbatical Officers around campus already, these are elected by students yearly to essentially run the Students’ Union and represent your student voice, whether that be campaigning for issues and concerns you may face, fighting to improve the University facilities and services, or building better relationships with the community. These Sabbs, along with part-time officers and chairs of liberation groups form the body of Union Council, and are the key decision makers that will shape your University experience.

With such big responsibilities, and 18,000 students to represent, from such a vast array of cultures, types of study, and minority groups, Union Council is where these Officers are held to account on their decisions and performance to ensure that any movements they make are proved to be representative and for the right reasons. It is also where policy is passed to show where HUU stands on issues, such as payday lenders. 

The Agenda for Monday.

Click Here to view the agenda for Monday, Key points include.

Approval of changes to 4001 VP Sport

Approval of changes to 4002 Sports Zone

Approval of changes to 8001 Elections

Approval of 5005 Community Reps 

Pay Day lenders Policy

Policy on potentially banning National newspaper "The Sun"

University and College Union Industrial Action

Come along!

Any student is welcome to come along and watch to find out what is being discussed. Only those that have been elected can vote, but you can still get involved in the discussions and made your voice heard! – so come along this Monday to Scarborough Campus at 6:30pm, Quad 4.

You can also become part of the decision making if you run in our Semester 2 Elections, and become a member of Union Council yourself!

Our Union Council Handbook explains everything that you will need to know about what goes on in Union Council, the rules, the dates, the terminology. To read it Click Here.