Union Council Update: April 2021

Posted 26 April 2021
Summary of what happened in the April 2021 meeting of Union Council
The last Union Council meeting of the year took place last week - and boy, was it a biggie!

One motion was presented for ratification, and 14 motions of new business were proposed. To put this into some context, up to this point in the year, a total of 13 motions had been presented across the previous five meetings!

  • A motion updating Standing Order 8001 (Elections) was presented by President of Education, Simeon Orduen, for ratification

The following motions all passed unanimously:

  • The creation of resources to support and advise students taking part in protests, to be created with the expertise of HUSU’s Advice Centre, proposed by LGBT+ Representative Beth Stephenson
  • Provision of a permanent Donation Station in Student Central for students to make charitable donations, presented by Cas Nicholas, Social Mobility and Class Representative
  • Lobbying the University to create LGBTQ+ only accommodation options, proposed by Cas Nicholas
  • Lobbying the University to act on the recommendations of her LGBTQ+ Mental Health report, proposed by President of Inclusivity and Diversity, Evie Kyte
  • Lobbying for mandatory image descriptions across all HUSU and University of Hull visual content to improve accessibility, presented by Sarah Da Silva, Disabled Students’ Representative
  • Structural change of AU funds to create three separate funds for coaching, equipment and competition, proposed by Sam Mills, AU Participation and Engagement Officer
  • Creation of a new Student-Led Volunteering Representative role on Union Council and in the Activities Zone, presented by President of Activities, Ellis Leonard
  • Updates to Standing Order 2002 (Activities Zone), by Ellis Leonard
  • Updates to Standing Order 2005 (Societies Council), to create two separate councils – one for Interests and Hobbies Societies and one for Academic Societies, proposed by Ellis Leonard
  • Updating sports team names to include men’s/women’s where relevant, proposed by President of Sport, Sian Doherty
  • Adoption of the new minimum standard policy for clubs and societies, by Sian Doherty

The Chair of Union Council, Jacob Thorne, stepped down as chair and Damien Ramezani, Faculty Rep for Science and Engineering was elected as temporary chair, so that Jacob could present some motions of his own.

The following two motions passed unanimously:

  • Updates to Standing Order 8003 (Union Council Meetings), proposed by Chair of Union Council, Jacob Thorne
  • Updates to all zone Standing Orders, by Jacob Thorne

The final motion of the evening was presented by Jacob and this prompted the greatest amount of debate and discussion in the meeting. The proposed motion was to change all role titles for Part-Time Officers holding representative positions from ‘Officer’ to ‘Representative’. Whilst there was some support for this idea, there were also a number of abstentions and one vote against, and therefore this motion failed.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all Part-Time Officers this year, who have volunteered their time to represent students and hold the President team to account in unprecedented circumstances with online-only training, support and meetings throughout the academic year.

Fancy being a Part-Time Officer next year?

The Part-Time Officers who will make up Union Council next year will be elected at the start of the new academic year. If you are interested in finding out more about the Part-Time Officer roles that will be available to run for in the elections in September/October, please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will pop you on our mailing list to make sure you receive all the relevant info!

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