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Varsity - Getting Home Safely

March 21, 2019

We want you to enjoy your day competing and celebrating in Lincoln - but your safety is our priority. 

Some participants will arrive back on our campus in the early hours of the morning and we want you to have a plan in place to get home safely.  

Our advice and things to note:

  • The return coach will drop you back on the University campus at the rear of Asylum 
  • Walk home in groups and stick together 
  • Do not walk alone 
  • Keep in touch with friends and look out for each other 
  • Keep friends up to date with your whereabouts 
  • Please be mindful of the local residents 
  • If you need to book a taxi, do it close to, or before the Humber Bridge. Arrival time back on campus will be around 15 minutes after the bridge 
  • Taxi numbers: (01482) 828282, 656565, 373737 - these are local firms, we do not endorse any taxi companies. Do some research and book in advance
  • If you are on campus and feel unsafe you can contact the non-emergancy Campus Security on (01482) 466868 
  • Humberside Police and Campus Security have been informed you are arriving on campus at the specified times

Have a successful day and a fun evening at Varsity - thank you for your support. 

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