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Voting now open

March 12, 2019

Voting is now open for our 2019 Elections. All registered students at the University of Hull are able to vote. Simply click here and follow the steps to have your voice heard. Voting closes at 3pm on Friday 15th March.


How do I vote?

Voting takes place here on our website. Click here to vote now or use the link on the homepage. You will need your six-digit university uni ID and password.

There’s a step by step guide and useful details here.


How do I decide who gets my vote?


You can see all the candidates (including part-time positions), read their manifestos and find out their top three priorities here.


Our live debate is another great way for you to learn more about the candidates by listening to how they will represent you. Question Time took place yesterday but don’t worry if you missed it. We captured all the action live so you can check back when’s convenient for you.


You can watch the full live debate here. Skip to the debate times for each post by following the timings in the comments.


If you’re on campus you’ll see lots of posters around created by candidates to showcase their manifesto promises. Candidates often campaign on campus so stop and ask them what they will do for you or ask them a question about something that matters to you and see how they respond. It’s a great way to see if they care about what matters to you.


What are the referenda about?


When we go to election we sometimes also call referendum to get a direct vote on a particular issue that affects your membership or a member calls a referendum by gaining the support of at least 50 fellow students via a petition.


There are two referenda included in this year’s election. For a result to pass in each of them, a minimum of 10% of FTE members must vote (equivalent to 1486 members), and a two-thirds majority is required.


1. Amendments proposed to the Memorandum and Articles of Hull University Union Ltd


Changes to our Memorandum and Articles are required to reflect working practice and ensure the Union remains current and prepared for the next three to five years. These must be approved by our membership. The Students’ Union is firmly in favour of the changes being proposed by the Board of Trustees in this referendum. Read more here.


2. Should the core student decision-making system be a Student Open Forum in place of Union Council?


A petition was submitted to Hull University Union by Osaro Otobo, President of the Students’ Union on 18th February 2019 asking the Students’ Union to have a referendum of its members on whether we should change the student decision-making system. The Students’ Union will remain neutral in this referendum. Read more here.


Why should I vote?


As a member of your Students’ Union it is really important that your voice is heard in the decision making process. Your elected leaders speak at the highest levels of University as well as on your behalf locally and nationally. Elections are your chance to make sure that you have a hand in choosing who those people are. It really doesn’t take long and you can vote for as many or as few roles as you choose to.


This is your chance to take hold of your University experience and turn your complaints and frustrations into action. We fight for University of Hull students everyday but we need your support to make sure that we have the backing of the student body to ensure that what matters to students is heard.

If you’re still not sure why you should vote for an individual position or you want to follow the campaign as it unfolds follow @hulluniunion on facebook/instagram and twitter.

If you’re in a sports team or society we’ve given you an even greater incentive to vote this year by turning your votes into cash for your group. Find out more here.


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