Welfare tips from the President of Inclusivity and Diversity

Posted 23 March 2020
Welfare tips from the President of Inclusivity and Diversity


People by nature are social beings. We crave the company of others even if it is just to sit in silence on our phones, not actually talking. Therefore, social distancing and self-isolating is a daunting thought and will be a difficult, but necessary precaution to take. It is so important at this time to look after your physical health, but to be conscious of the consequences this may have on your mental health. Here of a few tips from me on how to do this: 


Keep to a routine

Ever heard of the expression ‘the less you do, the less you want to do’? Well, this could be a big example of this. Keeping to a daily routine is a great way to keep yourself motivated, with planning your days giving you the chance to still feel productive and to have something to look forward to. 



How can you socialise though when we are being advised to distance ourselves from others? Luckily, this is happening in the 21st Century so there are loads of ways to keep in touch with your friends and family! FaceTime and Skype are easy ways to keep in touch, with Facebook messenger also having a video option and all of them allowing for group calls too! 


But it’s just not the same as spending time and having movie nights with your friends, is it? Well, Google Chrome thought this too, and have introduced a new Netflix Party tool. This allows you to watch anything on Netflix with your friends remotely, and message about it alongside the video. 


Variety is the spice of life

Make sure you aren’t just sitting in front of a screen all day every day – why not try something new? Go for a walk for an hour, learn how to knit, paint, juggle – anything to keep you distracted! At Hull University Union, we are looking at how we can make some of our activities virtual so keep an eye out on how you can get involved soon!



It’s going to be tough, but it is important to remember that it is alright to struggle. There are still ways to access support from a number of different platforms. Anxiety UK has created a free online course about coping during the pandemic, and anyone with an @hull.ac.uk email address still has access to Big White Wall, which also has a number of accessible online courses for people to complete as they wish.   


All of the mental health support staff at the University will be working remotely, with telephone appointments replacing all face-to-face contact. They will be available to support and advice on mental health issues, stress, substance misuse, bereavement and queries relating to DSA and reasonable adjustments. Just a warning: the call may come from a withheld number but make sure you answer, if you don’t you will lose your appointment slot and will be asked to re-book. If you wish to speak to a member of the team, please book an appointment by calling 01482 462 222, or send an enquiry to [email protected]

Our Advice Centre will also be available online by email and telephone ([email protected] or 01482 466263) and will continue to advise students on issues they may have including (but definitely not limited to) housing, benefits and student finance. 

For urgent mental health issues, please be sure to continue using 999 in an emergency situation, or contacting the NHS Mental Health response team on 01482 301701, or your GP in the first instance. 

The next few weeks are going to be different and difficult, but in the words of Troy Bolton: “We are all in this together”. Even though we are not there physically, the rest of the President Team and I are still accessible through social media and emails so please get in touch! 


More useful contacts

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President of Inclusivity and Diversity

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President of Education

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For all Activities Zone queries please contact [email protected]


If you have any concerns or queries about COVID-19 in relation to the University, please contact the University’s Action Line on 01482 464020 or [email protected], or visit the University of Hull’s website.

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