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What is WelcomeFest?

What is WelcomeFest?

Whether you’re new to uni or not, most people have heard of Freshers week. Here at Hull we’ve reinvented the first few weeks at University to make sure that everyone feels part of the celebrations. Five years ago we created WelcomeFest in response to student feedback, to include loads of Give It a Go activities that are non-alcoholic, as well as our big night life events. It's basically two weeks of loads of fun events, celebrating this next big chapter!

What happened to Freshers week?

Think about Freshers week and you may imagine 18-year-old students just starting University on a mad night out. We know that for some of you joining us that is what you want from your WelcomeFest experience and that’s fine with us – we host huge parties and nights that you will never forget as part of our WelcomeFest. However, past students told us that they didn’t feel like there was anything for them in our welcome programme as they were either a returning student or into different kinds of events and experiences outside a nightclub or bar.

We want to make it clear that WelcomeFest is for everyone so we have put together an events programme that will help you connect with one another, discover our services and celebrate the start of the academic year.

What if I don’t drink?

Whether it’s for cultural reasons or simply because you just choose not to drink, many students asked us for more alcohol-free events. Over the past five years we’ve run over 100 alcohol free events during WelcomeFest, helping you meet one another at everything from Speed Friending to exercise classes and subsidised trips to local attractions. This year we’re excited to be opening a brand-new alcohol-free space on our ground floor. Our ice-cream parlour Scoop will be open until 9pm daily throughout WelcomeFest, serving waffles, sundaes, deluxe hot chocolates and fair-trade coffee. Even better it’s a single use plastic free zone!

What if I’m a post-grad or mature student?

Another group of students who wanted more from our Welcome activities were our post-grads and mature students. Hopefully what we’ve told you already has helped you understand that WelcomeFest is as much about you as it is first years and we hope that you will take the opportunity to look at our welcome programme, visit our fairs and learn more about our services. It is really important to us that you know what we do for you – from academic representation to making sure that your course is working for you to the  free and independent support that you can access from our Advice Centre. We’ve got loads of post-graduates and mature students involved in our activities too. Just look at our Student Presidents. Our President, Osaro has just completed her masters and is an active member of the basketball team. Sports President Nick is a mature student who has been involved in our Rugby Union team throughout his time at University. Visit the fairs daily throughout the first week of WelcomeFest to find out more.

How long is WelcomeFest?

Another difference to Welcome Week’s of the past is that WelcomeFest lasts for over two weeks. From welcoming our returning students back to campus, to acknowledging that some students start their courses earlier than others and that sometimes friendships need some more time to develop, WelcomeFest gives you more opportunities than ever to get the best possible start to your University life.

We hope you enjoyed our whistle-stop tour of WelcomeFest and it’s given you an idea of what to expect from your welcome to the University of Hull.

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