Why volunteer?

Posted 11 February 2021
Why volunteering is great!
Why volunteering is great!

Volunteering is often correctly seen as the right thing to do, but how can you tell if it’s right for you? Why should you give up your time for free? Here are some reasons why you should volunteer!


Giving back and helping others

Volunteering at the University of HUSU is a great opportunity to spend some spare time contributing and making a difference in the local community. You get the ‘feel-good factor’ and as well as a whole host of other benefits, you really are being a good Samaritan.


Developing skills and gaining work experience

Your first instinct for volunteering may be straight to the employability benefits and arguably, you’d be right. At the University of Hull, there may be many other people on the same course as you and looking at the same career route, how are you going to stand out? Volunteering can help students train and develop skills in a field that they are interested in. It may also be a good opportunity to decipher which careers they are more or less well suited to in the future. A lot of our alumni positively link their volunteer experiences at HUSU with their career path choices and how it has helped them in future roles.


Building community awareness

Just moved to Hull or always lived here? Volunteering with the students’ union or in the local area can help you develop community awareness and integrate within the local area outside your general student bubble. You may see a different side to Hull even if you are a local student.


Meeting new people

Last but never least - meeting new people! Just like joining a sports club or society, volunteering is a great way of making friends with similar interests. Feeling part of a volunteering community is a wonderful benefit that enriches your student experience.



Sound good? Here is how you can get involved in volunteering opportunities through HUSU.


We have many student-led volunteering projects at HUSU, meaning that they are all devised and run by students. There are loads to get involved in across a range of areas, but if you have your own idea, we can help to set it up.


There is a huge range of volunteering projects you can get involved with through external organisations across the local area. From advice, animals and art, to media, to the environment, sport and everything in between, there's bound to be something to help you to gain valuable experience.

Not sure what external volunteering opportunity you’d like to be involved with? You can get in touch with Hull Community and Voluntary Services (CVS), they are really helpful and can help you find an opportunity to suit you in the local area.


RAG members volunteer their time to raise money for charity through a range of fantastic events while having loads of fun at the same time.


LINKS is an operational unit of St John Ambulance. The organisation is run by students and provides free training to their members, allowing them to start as a First Aider and progress to the emergency ambulance crew, as well as specialised roles as a Cycle Responder and taking part in casualty extraction. We also offer free First Aid demonstrations to students.



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