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President of Students’ Union Wins 18/19

June 28, 2019

This week your 18/19 President Team have come to the end of their presidency. We thought we would ask each President to tell us their three biggest wins for the year – though we’re sure it was hard to choose just three!


President of Students' Union - Osaro Otobo


More resources & investment for the thing’s students care about.

Firstly, room booking accessibility – I secured 63 extra rooms in 11 additional buildings that students can now use for their activity. Another win in general was funding, including securing £100 each for any society or sport club that demonstrate on a University Open Day and additional money towards Student Hardship, PhD Scholarships and Student Wellbeing & Mental Health funds - £223,653 was disbursed in total for 2018/19. Additionally, I have worked on securing money from the previous strikes and ensuring it goes towards supporting mental health, as students requested. 


Building an inclusive, diverse & safer campus.  


Over two years in presidency, I have continually worked on making the campus more inclusive, diverse and safe. For example:

  • We are now a third-party Hate Crime Reporting Centre and made this information accessible on our website.
  • Celebrated Black History Month in 2017 and 2018 for the first time since 2012
  • Commenced work on the Race Equality Charter
  • Worked on the BAME attainment gap, lobbying the University to invest money to tackle it
  • Established the Student Staff Partnership Scheme, which helps increase widespread, meaningful partnerships between staff and students


Worked on reform of accountability and democracy within Hull University Union


My main aim this year was to improve the ways students can implement change within Hull University Union. As a result of a Governance review there will now be Accountability Panels to hold Student Presidents to account more effectively. Student Presidents will have standardised reports and Part-Time Officers are mandated to give monthly reports for the first time, these reports are now also more easily accessible on the Hull University Union website.

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