President Wins 18/19 - Sport

June 28, 2019

This week your 18/19 President Team have come to the end of their presidency. We thought we would ask each President to tell us their three biggest wins for the year – though we’re sure it was hard to choose just three!

President of Sport - Nick Wright

So here it is, my last day and I need to sum up what I have worked on and achieved this year.

I think a good place to start is with what I have tried to work on this year.

AU Club Debt

the situation has improved a bit this year. I see this as a collective ‘win’ from myself and club committees and members.  My contribution to this has been asking Clubs to submit budgets and helping them to do so. The hard work of recruiting members, fundraising and generally looking after a Club’s finances has been done by Committees and members of those Clubs. A lot of credit goes to the students I’ve worked with on this, so thank you to everyone for working with me.

Promoting the AU

I am proud of the steps I have taken to improve the visibility of the AU on campus this year. I introduced Game of the Week/Month, Team of the Month/Trimester, got the BUCS results back on the screens in Asylum screens at Tower, and celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the AU with a photo featuring students. I do think we could have done even more with this, notably, after Christmas however, I’m looking forward to seeing what Erin does to further this work.

Organisation of the AU

Not the most of exciting subject, but an important one.  The only real win here is AU Exec, I believe the Athletic Union now has an Executive Committee that is fit for purpose and in a position to make a real impact on students.  Most of that credit has to go to the five members of the 18/19 Committee; Cheidza Dzumbunu, Erin Pettit (your new PoS), Maisie Loggie, Megan Cooke and Sian Doherty. It is their commitment, enthusiasm and hard work that has made this year a success for the AU and a pleasure for me.  I will also mention Daniel Bill, chair of the Sport Zone 18/19, Dan has helped AU Exec and myself out on many occasions this year, making an important contribution to the success of the AU.

For the rest of this work, most of it has getting the ball rolling in many areas that over the coming years will deliver the structure the Athletic Union needs to reach new heights.


The Cost of Sport

In some ways my biggest win, in others my biggest disappointment.  The win here is by elevating the issue at HUU and the University, work has started on delivering real change for students. The disappointment is by not being able to deliver anything tangible this year. This means that I (and you) have to trust that this will continue to be worked on and that a better, fairer system is coming.  I have complete faith in Erin and the staff at HUU and UoH to achieve this, but they will need the help, support and patience of students to ensure this not only gets done, but is done right.

It has been a true honour to be President of Sports this year and President of the Athletic Union in its 70th year.  Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all for next year.