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Your Ideas Week

January 31, 2018

With Your Ideas Week being just around the corner your Officer team have worked together with HUU Staff to come up with a plan for making the week sweet! The Officer Team will be around HUU all week, armed with sweets and iPads to talk to you about changes you'd like to see made here at the University of Hull and HUU!

Not sure what the “Your Ideas Scheme” is or need some inspiration? Check out the Your Ideas page for more information. Read current ideas submitted by students, ideas we're working on and even read ideas which didn’t get enough votes!

Below are some messages from your Officer Team about their plans and aims for the week:

Osaro Otobo | President

I would love for students to tell me any ideas they are passionate about, whatever it is I will listen! I'd love to have more student-led campaigns on campus and online. We have a campaigns fund available to invest in the changes you're passionate about. I want to make sure that the Officer Team are working on the issues that you care about. I am personally interested to hear about ideas that are related to making the campus and wider community more inclusive and diverse for the various types of students we have at the university. I’m looking to get ideas from every type of student – whether you are an undergrad, postgrad or a PhD student, a mature student or international student, whoever you are, tell us what you want to change and we will help you.


Salman Anwar | Education Officer

The Your Ideas scheme gives you with the opportunity to pop up a suggestion or idea quickly and easily! Throughout my time as Education Officer, I have tried to keep my ear close to the ground so I am able to deal with students’ issues and take their ideas on board but I can’t be everywhere and I sometimes miss things! This is why the Your Ideas scheme is so valuable. One of my objectives this year is around improving the experience for international students, so I’d love to see plenty of suggestions from international students. During Your Ideas Week no matter how big or small, put it on the Your Ideas page. I’m really looking forward to hearing what issues students want us to deal with as an officer team, in particular, what education and academic issues you think I need to tackle!


Jennie Watts | Welfare & Community Officer

Over the past 6 months, I have learnt how passionate our students are about mental health. It is becoming increasingly important not only to students in Hull but nationwide. As a result of this, I am launching a Mental Health Campaign on the 19th of February which aims to lobby the university to put more funding into mental health provision on campus. Part of this is getting your feedback, your ideas and most importantly YOUR VOICE on this issue. So for Your Ideas Week, I would like you to put forward ideas on what we can do for mental health at the University of Hull! It could be anything from ‘More appointments available for students’ to ‘Mental Health Training’ or even a day about a certain area of mental health you feel is important to you and other students at HUU.

But this is just one area! If you have any ideas at all about anything welfare/community, I want to know! Care about the environment? Want to see more breastfeeding facilities on campus? Think accessibility on campus could be better? LET US KNOW!! I care about what you think J


Timetable of Week:

Monday 5th

President –Osaro Otobo

HUU 11am-3pm

Tuesday 6th

HUU Student Voice Team

HUU | 11am-3pm

Wednesday 7th

HUU Student Voice Team

HUU & Brynmor Jones Library | 11am-3pm

Thursday 8th

HUU Welfare & Community Officer Jennie Watts

HUU | 11am-3pm

Friday 9th

HUU Education Officer Salman Anwar

HUU | 11am-3pm


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