Our Strategy

Updated: Jan 2019

Our strategy establishes how we will work towards our vision to empower all students to make their time at University count.

Our Strategy Tree Graphic

To support the achievement of our strategy, we have a number of enabling strategies that form the roots of our 'strategy tree'. These strategies focus on key areas that are fundamental to our success and critical to the pursuit of our vision. They are:

Recent work to complete this strategic planning cycle has identified five corporate priorities which we will focus on for the remainder of the strategic plan (2020):

  1. To carry out a corporate governance review and consultation on our democratic governance with stakeholders.
  2. To clarify and fully implement HUSU's pay and reward policy for all employees and workers.
  3. To develop and mobilise a digital strategy for the Union group. With the purpose of improving the student experience and creating efficiency internally.
  4. Working with the University of Hull to complete the planned remodel and refurbishment of the Union group's commercial, social, and office space on the ground and first floors of Student central by June 2020.
  5. To work with the University of Hull to understand, interpret and respond to the impact the challenging Higher Education operating environment is having and will have on both organisations moving forwards.

Our members defined our five member priorities which form the branches of our 'strategy tree'. Under each of our priorities we identified what our members would say if we were we met our aims. This is what success sounds like to us.

Theme 1: My Voice

“I can make change”

All students have the opportunity to participate in and affect change in their University, Students' Union and the wider community.

“I am heard and represented”

Theme 2: My Help

“I can access information and resources to enable me to help myself”

“I can make positive choices about my health and wellbeing”

We promote mental and physical health and wellbeing through our services, events and products.

“My accommodation meets my needs”

Theme 3: My Union Services

“Union services meet my needs”

How will we achieve our goals?

“I understand how my union works as a social enterprise”

“The Union building meets my needs”

“I can engage with HUU even when I'm not in the building”

Theme 4: My Development

“I have opportunities to develop”

“I am recognised”

We celebrate the successes and achievements of our members.

Theme 5: My World

“I feel part of my local community”

“I feel part of a community on campus”