President, Inclusivity and Diversity


Abi Morris, President of Inclusivity & Diversity

I come from a small village in Nottingham called Scarrington which has an average age demographic of at least 60+. It is safe to say I was excited to get away and be surrounded with people my own age, but also terrified of how big the change would be. I came to Hull in 2016 to study psychology, with the typical big dreams of changing the mental health world and reading minds. Not expecting particularly like Hull, the plan was to quickly get through my three year course with my head down and head back to little Scarrington the second I graduated.

This changed however when in my first week in Hull I tagged along to the sports fair with my flat mates not wanting to be left out, and before I know it I’d joined Netball League. I fell in love. Joining that family made my university experience extraordinary and by second year I knew I wanted to be more involved. So I ran to be a captain and had the best year bonding with my team (even though we lost every single game), with them teaching me how to be an effective yet compassionate leader. The time flew and next thing I know I’ve decided to run for vice president, particularly for the welfare officer side as it would allow me to help those in need. The club apparently trusted me enough to have this role so I had the honor of being the welfare officer for the biggest club on campus.

I decided to run for President of Inclusivity and Diversity so I could keep doing what I loved, being a representative and trusted point of contact for students, but on a much bigger scale. This year excites/terrifies me like any job should do, but I cannot wait for what is to come and make the most of the time I have here.

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