Isobel Hall, President of the Students’ Union

Graduating in 2018 with a degree in History and English, I loved my University experience and completely emerged myself in student life! The Students' Union was a massive part of this for me, from joining a sports team in my first year where I met an amazing family of netball leaguers, to working as student-staff, becoming an academic representative and running my own student-led campaign - I was fully involved!

Originally from a countryside village in Leicestershire to coming away from home to the city of Hull, it was a massive change for me and I have no regrets! So much so that I decided in 2018 to stay an extra year and run in the Students' Union elections to become President of Education. Being your President of Education 2018/19 and leading the Education zone was a massive honor and privilege. I am so proud of all the reps in my Education zone and I loved every second of working together. From putting £20 back into the pockets of every single student for printing and transforming academic representation to being the first ever President to have a Facebook profile reaching out to even more students in new ways. And we can't forget Chocolate and Chat!

Hull has truly captured my heart in ways I never expected it to and that is why I am so proud and grateful to have been elected for a second term, this time as your President of the Students' Union!

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