President, Sport


Erin Pettit, President of Sport

I am elected to lead the Sport Zone and your Athletic Union, offering you sporting opportunities at all levels. I aim to increase the number of students participating in and enjoying sports and improve the student sporting experience at the University of Hull.

In September 2015 I left my home town, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and moved to Hull to be enrolled at the University to study Chemistry. Initially, I struggled to settle into student life, living in a quiet student house rather than University Halls, and so I decided that the easiest way to meet like-minded people was to join a sports team. I joined Netball League and they immediately made me feel welcome at Hull and became a family away from home!

After such an amazing first year with Netball League, I wanted to be more involved and as a result, I spent my second year on committee as one of their many captains! This gave me a tiny insight into how Hull University Union could help support sports clubs and sparked an interest into how I could become more involved.

My third year of study saw me leave Hull on an industrial placement year. I struggled to ‘let go’ and was back regularly to attend events like Socials, Varsity and AU Ball! And as a result I returned to Hull for my fourth year, feeling old(!) but excited, as one of Netball Leagues Social Secretaries. Thinking that I wanted to give back to more than just Netball League, I became a member of the AU Exec and really got involved with Hull University Union and the general sporting experience. I really enjoyed my year on AU Exec and so I decided to run for President of Sports to try and shape the future of sport at Hull University.

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