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Sports and Societies Fund

Are you fundraising for new kit, equipment or fees? Would £200 help you meet your goal?

Votes cast by sports team and society members raised £720 which will go straight back into your activities. 


50p for every vote cast by a sports club or society member in the 2019 elections was put into this unique fund. Simply tell us how the funds will benefit your members and demonstrate that you have considered value for money.

Applications are now closed. Successful applications will be contacted by the 26th April. 

Email [email protected] for further details. 


If you're not a part of a club or society and are looking for funding or need to raise more than £200 our year round funding opportunities can help support your activities. 

  • Crowdfunding - Get involved with Boost, a specialised student fundraising platform. Click here to see more.  
  • Campaign funding - Want to start a campaign? You can apply for up to £200 to run a campaign. Click here to find out more. 
  • Volunteering -  Set up your own project, get it running, and we’ll even give you some funding! Find out more here or email volunteering to find out more. 



Club/Society Name:

Position (President etc.)

Reason for funding request (please demonstrate the impact the funds will have)

Funding amount required (up to £200 per club)


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