Student Wins

The achievements of our members are things we can all be proud of and should be celebrated in all forms – this means you!

It doesn't matter if your success is big or small, on-campus or in the community, something new or something you do over and over.

If you're proud of something you've done, tell us!

If someone else has told you something you've done has been great, tell us!

If you know of someone who has achieved something, tell us!

Whatever you have done, we want to know about it. From charity fundraising to sporting success, from helping out in the community to improving the student experience, from impacting a load of people to making a difference to one individual. If your submission is suitable, your Student Shoutout could be considered as HUSU Award nomination!

We want to hear about it all so we can celebrate you. Fill out the form below to submit your achievement.

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