Sat, February 16, 2019 - 07:56

More water fountains especially in derwent buildings

The scale of demand for water fountains has been noted by the plastics initiative working group and estates team have signaled the installation of new or updated water fountains in the coming year. They are mapping out existing water fountains on campus with the intent of updating the most in demand and making the map publicly available for students. They are limited by a small fund for this purpose but promise that it will be coming. In the meantime, a number of venues are using refillable glass containers including Canham turner and the arts café. In addition to this, a student kitchen has been installed in Student central with both a water fountain and a hot water urn which has never existed before.

by Osaro Otobo

Have water fountains in every building, I usually attend lectures in ESK and Larkin and I’ve never come across any water fountains.


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