Mental health bursary / grant
Submitted by CONNOR D.

Provide a grant if bursary for this diagnosed with a mental health Illness. Personal independence payment and disability living allowance generally isn't issued to students at university with, for example, clinical depression as they're perceived as motivated enough to study etc. Disabled student allowance, although provide mentoring support, don't issue costs for living for these students either only those with mobility issues. Therefore, there should be a bursary or grant for those that qualify. This grant would be available for those that are reluctant to receive PIP or DLA and DSA but has a primary purpose for those that don't receive these and struggle financially due to their condition.
Medical evidence from a health professional such as a GP, nurse, specialist mentor or counsellor would be required.

I’m not against the idea but I’m interested as to what uses the money would have in such conditions


07/03/2018: Not Supported

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