FREE parking permits for students
Submitted by CONNOR D.

The private company that enforce parking around campus can legally issue invoices - or & fines in their words - however they can't physically enforce these charges. Students are low income class of people within the UK and to make parking difficult for them whilst they're studying is unethical. Such parking companies issue PCN's, an acronym which stands for PARKING charge notices which is the same acronym local government authorities use for parking on PUBLIC land; PENALTY charge notice which you must legally pay. The whole private land parking ordeal is questionabley unethical and has notorious threatening and scare tactics to make people faced with their fines; pay up when in fact you can just ignore them as the private companies are very very unlikely to take you to court due to the low nominal debt.

Students need to be aware of these facts and either vote for FREE permits with this idea or not to entertain these companies without compromise if faced with so-called fines.

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22/02/2018: Not Plausible

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