Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:22

The extortionate prices of on-campus shops is ridiculous! Imagine paying £2 for a cup of tea?! There should be either a heavy subsidy for students or they just reduce their prices completely. If their prices derive from their high over-head costs issued by the university it is strongly advised this is reduced too to alleviate their necessity to increase their prices in the first place.

Students are a low income community therefore it is unethical and morally wrong to charge such high prices to a financially vulnerable populous.

23/10/2018 **UPDATE**
The Hub on the 1st floor in Student Central had some refurbishment over the summer including an update of the kitchen area which now has microwaves and hot water available for you to bring your own tea/coffee supplies. Most coffee shops on campus offer a benefit for bringing own coffee cups in the region of 15p discount per cup.

19/03/2018 **UPDATE**<br />
I will pass your comments on to the catering team at the university and update you with their response as soon as possible.

by Andrew Costigan

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23/10/2018: Completed

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