There are many sports societies ranging from the biggest mainly Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, American Football, Basketball to the basic such as Table Tennis. There are also societies associated to departments notably Engineering Society, Music Society, Theatre Society. There are also societies for culture such as Tamil Society. There are also upcoming societies. Each of these societies have a Committee and an Annual General Meeting. I believe no matter the genre of Society, each Society should have a Psych Test/ Fitness Test for the Committees, confidentially as a prerequisite to the speech for the AGM. These tests should include questions such as if the student has ever done a resit or scheduled to do a resit in their Bachelors, a rating of their body/ mental health out of five stars. You need pass to enrol in AGM. Also if there is a new role, there should be a job description by a previous member of the or by an Exec on the Committee board, e.g. Eng Society Industrial Coordinator.

A needless and harmful idea, thankfully the student body seems to agree. Shame on you.

by Alex F.

14/03/2018: Not Supported

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