Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:14
More bins
Submitted by Benjamin P.

Add more recycling and waste disposal bins campus wide.

31/07/2018 **update** We have made the university aware of the student support for reducing plastic waste and how closely this lends itself to improving the recycling facilities across campus. They are in the process of reviewing the bins campus wide and HUU will have an input into what these look like and how they are presented. We would love to have your input, so any further suggestions or ideas on this please email them to [email protected] and I will ensure they are fed back to the University.

20/03/2018 - **UPDATE**
I agree, there is a shortage of appropriate disposal services around campus. I will pass your idea along to relevant members of university staff, along with other similar comments, to ensure that the university do improve waste provision all around campus. I will keep you posted on my progress

by Andrew Costigan

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31/07/2018: Completed

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