Sun, February 17, 2019 - 15:31
Submitted by RORY H.

Have you seen the new job shop page?? Its awful put it back to how it was. All we want is to see a list of local part-time jobs to apply for while at uni. Give us a nice simple page that we can look at on a phone in a free hour between lectures or in the morning while eating breakfast and watching Jeremy Kyle!

24/07/2018 -
Last year, the Careers, Entrepreneurship & Study Abroad team along with HUU made the decision to have all vacancies suitable for students on the same platform.
We have moved to a new jobs & events platform accessible at: We encourage all students to create an account. The best way to search for part-time roles is by:-
1. Creating an account/logging in at
2. Selecting ‘jobs’ from the top menu
3. Within the search options keep the position options flexible if you’re happy to consider a wide range of jobs – you may want to select all!
4. Select the contract type as ‘student job’
You can also customise your search which will be saved each time you log in by selecting the ‘modify my default criteria’ option.
Also, there is a ‘job teaser career centre’ app for mobile devices, which is very quick and easy to use.
If you need any help with using the contact 01482 462222 or [email protected]

by Nicholas Wright

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24/07/2018: Completed

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