Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:35

In the Spar shop in the students union, there is no option to say do you want a receipt?
There is a huge amount of pointlessly wasted paper and mess caused by this every day.
Almost everyone seems to either leave their reciept or immediately bin it.

I suggest that the machines are updated to say "would you like a receipt" when done, similar to the machines in Tesco Express.

05/03/2018 - We have been in contact with SPAR to see if this is a possible function on the self-service tills. They have responded today informing that they are looking into adding this onto the tills in HUU and will be back in touch shortly with a definitive answer.

17/04/2018 - UPDATE
The provider of the self-service tills have recognised this is a function they must incorporate into the software and are now working on including this facility into the tills. I will update this idea again when I hear back from the EPOS provider.

by Osaro Otobo

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22/02/2018: Working On

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