It's really frustrating when going to the library in final year and there is very little space to work in, and that space can be quite loud. The silent study areas are great but it's more often the case that you can't get a seat there. An area specifically for final year students, similarly to the postgraduate area, would help with these problems.

The PG Lounge in the BJL is currently for PG Research only. PG Taught students currently don't really have anywhere either so are currently facing the same issue. I doubt this would happen as space is an issue and people will complain if the space is not being used efficiently.

Apart from lack of space, is there any reason you believe final year students require priority over other years?

by Sarah-Louise G.

Final year is the most important for all students, whether it be the need to write a 12000 dissertation like me or to revise for exams, it's the key year out of all of them and counts the most in terms of marks. In terms of the postgraduate option, is there not also a building tailor made for postgrads?

by Sophie D.

There is the Graduate School yes, however there is only 30 computers in there that are generally used by PG Research Students. It seems to be that they set up work on a desk and don't move as a lot of them have books and drawers based in there with all of their stuff so currently we are not able to use it.....

by Sarah-Louise G.

.....There are currently 16 people on my current PG course so 30 computers for the whole of PG is not really doable.

I understand what you are saying as I have been there myself but I think that you will struggle to find areas that can be just classified for final year students due to current timetabling and room needs.

by Sarah-Louise G.

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