Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:05
Reduce plastic use around campus
Submitted by MATTHEW G.

Reduction on plastic consumption or to find alternative ways to reduce the amount that is thrown out.
For example. Always reuse shopping bags, use a reusable water bottle and use less plastic cutlery.
Or alternatively, more recycling points across the campus to more plastic items are recycled.


19/10/2018 **COMPLETED**
Estates/Waste management are discussing options for promoting recycling on campus - biggest issues are with contamination of recycling bins. A Plastics-initiative cross working group was created in June 2018 to address these concerns and have so far made the Art's Café plastics free. In addition, Scoop at Jonny Mac has been opened at the Student Union and is entirely single use plastics free.

by Andrew Costigan

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19/10/2018: Completed

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