Sat, February 16, 2019 - 06:59
Societies meeting times advertised
Submitted by BEATRICE W.

All societies should include in their description on the student Union website when they meet up and the precise location of their meeting place. This will make it easier and simpler for students to see if it works with their timetable and save them looking in different areas to gather all the information required to fully asaess if the society is right for them,

**20/06/2018 - UPDATE **
Societies update their own part of the web page, however this year HUU's Sports/Society Coordinator will request that this information is included and kept updated by the societies committees.

Great news!!

by Caitlin O'Neill

While I second this idea, I also think that if this is to be the case, then societies will need an easy way of advertising the event information.

by PAUL B.

20/06/2018: Completed

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