Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:36
A medical drop in centre on Campus
Submitted by CAMERON M.

There should be a medical professional (nurse or similar), on campus to give advice to people on medical issues. This will improve health on campus (as GP appointments can take up to 2 weeks), and allow people to easily get advice.

19/10/2018 **UPDATE**
I believe the Newland GP surgery opposite the university is set to close/relocate within the next few years. Plans are being discussed by Student Services to have health care professionals in student central after this. I will arrange to talk with student services formally to confirm this.

18/05/2018 - **UPDATE**
I sent off the ideas to Student Services for a response and will update as soon as possible in the mean time we encourage every student at the university to sign up with a local GP.

by Andrew Costigan

A small drop in centre would be helpful even just for health advice as getting medical advice from a GP or the Wilberforce Drop in Centre can be a long process for something potentially minor.

by RYAN P.

17/04/2018: Future

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