Sun, February 17, 2019 - 16:41
Get rid of plastic straws
Submitted by HOLLY W.

Paper straws should be used instead of plastic, to help the environment.

In response to a similar idea submitted by a student titled "The Last Straw" In November 2017 HUU removed all plastic straws from Eats, Sanc and Asylum and replaced them with biodegradable ones.

Paper straws were considered however the cost was too high. HUU were still committed to reducing single use plastic consumption so the biodegradable straws were a more eco-friendly alternative.

We have also had it confirmed by the University of Hull that 2 months ago they too stopped using plastic straws and like HUU switched to Biodegradable ones!

Well done to HUU and UoH for choosing a more eco-friendly option!

by Jennie Watts

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19/04/2018: Completed

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