Karaoke till 1am again!
Submitted by Dhillan K.

Make karaoke stay on until 1am again, a heck of a lot of songs request by people arent done anymore purely because there is not enough time, that along with it being less worth coming out and having drinks if it is only until 12, I know quite a few people who have straight up stopped attending because it is not worth it anymore for the night.

Thank you so much for submitting this idea, the student voice is really important to us and in response to this we will bring the karaoke start time forward one hour to start at 8pm instead of 9pm with an end time still of 12pm – But that’s still a whole extra hour at the start of the night to sing your hearts out!! This will be in place from THIS WEEK (12th April 2018) so please spread the word!

by Osaro O.

05/04/2018: Completed

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