A little like the Animal Sanctuary by RAG but a dog or cat that it brought on campus to comfort distressed students, especially around deadline or exam period. It could be a lecture's or well-being officer's animal that you just email so you can go and have a cuddle with them. That way people wouldn't have to worry about paying to see the animals or queuing when they might not have the time or the money to do so.

I was going to suggest therapy dogs! Mental health is a massive issue among students and the presence of pets is proven to help massively!


My dog is a bouncy, boisterous, loveable labrador that just wants cuddles and attention!! He always wants to play so I'll happily bring him on campus!! Be warned though he is Extremely disobedient!!! He makes Marley from the film look like a well trained dog!!!


HUU are delighted to welcome PET RESPECT and their friendly dogs on the 15th and 18th May 2018, 9am-3pm, to offer some pet-therapy during exams and mental health awareness week. They will be in HUU opposite reception waiting for lots of fuss and cuddles, so don’t miss out!! We are excited to be working with PET RESPECT and will be looking to invite them back during future exam periods

by Jennifer W.

10/05/2018: Completed

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