The University has a University wide policy that expects lecturers to upload lecture/workshop/practical materials to Canvas at least 24 hours prior to the session. I believe this is a reasonable expectation, however it is extremely rarely consistently followed and is becoming more frustrating for students as the year comes to a close.

Many students I know have a learning difficulty which makes it difficult for them to read and follow slides in lectures. Personally I find it helpful to print handouts of the slides to help me structure my notes and better understand the lecture. Even if you don't do this, lecturers push us to look over material before each lecture, but how can we be expected to do this if they don't upload anything in time?

I would like to suggest that the University more strictly enforce their policy on staff to upload materials required prior to the sessions, ideally in handout form, so that students are able to flick through them and better follow the lecture.

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11/01/2019: Completed

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